GG HH - Unicorns bring the eSports Hub to Hamburg

GG HH - Unicorns bring the eSports Hub to Hamburg

Let's go to Hamburg - Hamburg Bergedorf

Within the next 2 years, a point of experience and anchor point for the international eSports community will be created on more than 20,000 sqm in this tranquil district of the Hanseatic city.

eSports Hub in Hamburg

As of today, this location will be the largest eSports location in Europe. The expertise and anchor point for authentic development with and for the eSports community will be possible with the internationally successful eSports team Unicorns of Love (UoL). The Mallant family team is leaving their gaming house in Berlin to embark on a spectacular new path in Hamburg in the development and implementation of this true eSports hub.

The place

The former Telekom Conference Hotel wants to be more than just a training centre for players of the eSports organisation UoL. The centre is to be multifunctional from the end of 2021. The space will not only function as the operational headquarters of the Unicorns of Love and as a gaming house for the organisation's teams, but will also be used for the community. There will be areas where both beginners and professionals have enough space to compete, network and have fun together - events, coaching programmes, educational and bootcamp formats will offer real added value for professional eSports players and their teams, as well as casual gamers.

"We are delighted to have such an experienced partner at our side for this ambitious project. As a shareholder of Hamburg Towers, Tomislav has already successfully implemented a similar project."

Vivien Mallant, GM of the Unicorns of Love

The policy

A real anchor point, alongside mobile concepts such as the eSports Movement Days, to experience and further develop eSports and gaming in all dimensions. In addition to its role as a gaming house, this location in the Hamburg-Nettelnburg district will also function as an eSports hotel. Together with the investor Real Estate and project developer Tomislav Karajica, the project is now being realised. Local politicians are also more than enthusiastic.

Hamburg: FDP top candidate Sonja Jacobsen

"Bandwidth is a location factor - it's no coincidence that the gaming scene is now moving into a former Telekom conference hotel. eSport is a decisive driver of digitalisation."

Sonja Jacobsen, FDP parliamentary group chairwoman in the Bergedorf district assembly

The operators

SEH Sports & Entertainment Holding has been active in the various sports segments for years and the involvement of Thomas Ebeling and Johannes Huth has already caused a stir in recent weeks. The creators, Zeljko and Tomislav Karajica and the Mallant family, can succeed in creating a showpiece project if the community is closely tied to the project - sponsoring and hardware partners will be plentiful, as the previous showcase projects LVL - World of Gaming Berlin and Experion Cologne demonstrate.

Tomislav Karajica: Investor turns Hamburg into an eSports metropolis

"eSports is a rapidly growing market in all areas. The community is also strong in Hamburg, but it lacks a space where it can come together. We are creating this at the very highest level. If all instances pull together, Hamburg will take a leading role in gaming as early as next year - worldwide!"

Tomislav Karajica, SEH Sports & Entertainment Holding

The Unicorns of Love - eSports World Elite

The Unicorns already have a very successful history. But they are currently the challengers at this year's Worlds 2020, the League of Legends World Championships. The "Unicorns of Love" organisation has entered the Main Event and is thus one of the twelve best teams in the world for the first time. In the knockout stage, the "Unicorns" from Bergedorf beat "SuperMassive" from Turkey 3:0 in the best-of-five mode. This success qualified them for the main round of the biggest eSports event of the year, which will be held in the Chinese metropolis of Shanghai from 3 to 30 October.

The knockout match was watched by almost 800,000 people on the livestream on Twitch on Wednesday. The Unicorns of Love were founded in 2013 and are a family project: in addition to manager Vivien Mallant and coach Fabian "Sheepy" Mallant, Jos Mallant, father of the two, is on board as operator. The UoL also have professional teams in Counterstrike and PubG Mobile.