The eSports Events @ISPO Munich Digital

The eSports Events @ISPO Munich Digital

ISPO Munich Digital 2021 Conference Program

In 2021, we can unfortunately only implement one Digital Experience for the visitors of ISPO (the largest international sports industry trade fair). But we are really proud to have such great and relevant speakers in the eSports Conference Track on 02 February 2021. 

Stefan Ponikva, Vice President Brand Experience BMW / BMW AG, talks about #UnitedInRivalry: BMW gets into sports; Axel Täubert Head of Top Creators & Gaming EMEA Google Germany GmbH talks about Gaming and the "New Normal". In a special eFootball slot, we are very pleased to have Jannis Jersch Manager Digital Borussia Dortmund GmbH & Co. KGaA will talk about BVB's eFootball Strategy and Outlook; Philipp Walter will talk about GAMERS ACADEMY - a training platform for gamers and Patrick Baur will talk about the platform - how fan engagement becomes a business model.


ISPO Munich Digital eSports Track - Public Stream

After the B2B conference program at ISPO Munich Digital, there will be a digital experience for the B2B and B2C audience on the topic of sports simulations in eSports.

We have showmatches in the basketball simulation NBA2K with the Bayern Ballers, the FIFA Pro Clubs EU Masters 2021, an international eSailing Tournament and Rocket League Showmatches in the program. Marcus Meyer (Force of Disruption GmbH) and moderator Dan Ram will present the eSports conference.

The team of presenters will introduce you to virtual sports and take you on a journey into the world of eSports with many guests on the show.

The public streaming show will run from 7:20 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on the following channels:

There are 4 official tournament channels for the respective showmatches and tournament:

NBA2K Showmatch


In the NBA 2K21 ISPO showmatches, the Bayern Ballers gaming team will face the eSports team from EWE Baskets Oldenburg.

The basketball simulation NBA 2K21 is played in Pro-AM mode, which has now become firmly established in the eSports scene. Player characters and the appearance of jerseys and arenas can be fully customized here. 

The teams will each consist of five players who will act on the pitch with their own created character. A commentary team from the studio will complete the TV-ready production. As commentators / caster we could win Markus Krawinkel and Robin Rottmann.

Livestream NBA2K Showmatch:


eFootball ProClubs 

Football. Real. Digital - Experience live how digital football teams compete against each other in 11 vs. 11 mode on the Playstation. The digital transformation of football at ISPO Munich 2021. Nearly 60 teams will compete in the preliminary rounds on Saturday, January 30, 2021, starting at 6:00 pm. Teams from the Czech Republic, Austria, Portugal, and Spain have registered to win in this unique tournament. On Tuesday, 02 February 19:00 clock then starts the grand final.

FIFA Pro Clubs EU Masters 2021


eSailing Regatta 

ISPO invites the best international eSailing teams to compete in the game Virtual Regatta Inshore. A battle in which top sailors and yachtsmen compete against each other on Virtual Waters.

Meet 2019 eSailing World Champion Filippo Lanfranchi (ITA), Olympic 49er sailor Bart Lambriex (NED), four eSailing Nations Cup winners led by Mke O'Donnovan (GBR) and 2020 eSailing Vice World Champion Ramón Parejo Palop (ESP).UTC 4 teams begin the battle for glory. Club Nautico Sevilla (ESP) against Team Scotland (GBR) and Team VIT (INT) against MCES Italia (ITA). 

ISPO Team Race Invitational - eSailing

Rocket League - Clash of Teams 

Rocket League squad Team Singularity ( has been competing among the best European teams since late 2019. Players Leon "Godsmilla" Mares and Kyle "Scrub Killa" Robertson have built a fierce rivalry between the teams, starting with the squad spots.

The 'Smilla vs. Killa' show pits both rivals against each other in various challenges before facing off in the ultimate show match. See how the original and current team lineups determine which dynasty comes out on top.

Clash of Rocket League - Teams with SNG eSports

The role of the Force of Disruption GmbH 

We support the world's largest sports fair ISPO since 2018 in the topics eSports and Future of Sports. We support the brands and companies in the sports business to provide knowledge about eSports, gaming, exergaming and other relevant sports. "eSports is sports and belongs to the sports ecosystem", said Tobias Gröber, Executive Director Business Unit Consumer Goods Messe München GmbH, in 2019. With this statement we could start to build in 3 strategic pillars for the development of knowledge and understanding in the topic of eSports in the B2B and B2C environment. We aired the World Championship in Rocket League with RLCS8 and RLCS9 with ISPO Digitize and were allowed to implement the first eSports and gaming festival in Bavaria with ES_COM (Electronic Sports Competition) in 2019. The journey continues and we look forward to so much positive feedback and new ideas and topics that we can bring to fruition with ISPO, Messe München and the partners.

EXERGAMING x SPORT x ESPORT "Yeah, It's a match"

EXERGAMING x SPORT x ESPORT "Yeah, It's a match"

ISPO Open Innovation Study

eSports, gaming, EXERGAMING, the future of mobility, advertising impact, new sports topics. On the ISPO Open Innovation Platform, eSports fans and gamers were able to express themselves on these topics and give their opinion. The findings from the Future of Sports survey are now available for free download as a white paper.

A very important takeaway for the sports industry: one potential area of interest in the eSports community is digital tools like wearables and apps to complement traditional sports.

Additionally, 70 percent of participants in the Future of Sports project said they have used apps while playing sports.

What is the aim of the international sports industry trade fair platform ISPO with this study?

In February 2020, the eSports and gaming events for ISPO Munich 2020 were successfully implemented. In this context, the results of the first survey with ISPO Munich on the topic of the LAN of the future were published. This was done in cooperation with the educational institute Campus M21. Exciting was that in the Twitch Live Stream the results were hotly discussed in the community. As a result, the feedback and the high engagement were a good sign for the implementation of next topics and activations.

The goal of the project team FOD and ISPO: In the eSports Ecosystem, further added value is to be created for the gaming and eSports community. But at the same time, real learnings and knowledge in the topic should be generated as educational content for the B2B target group of the ISPO network.

Rocket League as Engagement Driver

The solution: to implement a survey in the eSports and gaming target group and share the generated knowledge with the sports industry and other interested industries and stakeholders.

A very important ingredient: reach. Here, Messe München has already tried out many themes. Besides EA FIFA, League of Legends or Nintendo Mario Kart broadcasts, Rocket League has emerged as the topic with the highest reach.

Especially the specially developed format AMD Masters always stood for a very good digital reach in the round of activations in the ISPO network. Here, up to 120 teams have registered for the events AMD MASTERS 2019, AMD MASTERS ES_COM, AMD Masters Winter 2020 in tournament format. This means the target audience was authentically targeted and addressed in the tournaments with a really great experience online and offline. The sponsor AMD and the content partner Team Firewall have implemented these activations professionally and authentically as enablers.

Now we could inspire the fans and players we have addressed in this tournament format in the next step with more tournaments on the ISPO Digitize Twitch Channel and in the coverage. Because ISPO Digitize and FOD were able to secure the license of the Rocket League World Championship tournaments.

The most important ingredient: content. ISPO and Force of Disruption were able to secure the broadcast rights to RLCS9 from publisher Psyonix and rights marketer IMG and once again step into the role of eSports live broadcaster with Team Firewall.

Twitch and social media as drivers

With this content, we were able to achieve very good coverage on the Twitch channel ISPO Digitize. And it was clear that this target group would also be important for our survey. We were able to convert to the survey not only in the 8 live broadcasts. The topic "interest in your opinion" was also really important in the complete coverage.

With the strategy of playing relevant content in our authentic range, we were also able to score with the largest eSports live platform. Because on we landed in the recommendation roundel for the German-speaking market with our content and could actually reach 350,000 viewers. With a watchtime of almost 1,900,000 minutes (total time spent with the content by all viewers), we were among the most successful Rocket League broadcasts in Europe.

For the teams it was again about a prize pool of around 1,000,000 US dollars. For us, it was about establishing a real anchor point for the exchange of opinions between fans and players.

"ISPO has recognized the potential of eSports and Rocket League. I'm looking forward to the biggest RLCS season yet with this partner."

Arne Löffler,Managing Director Team FireWall GbR.

Strong partners

The questions, deep expertise and overall concept of the survey support enablers from the eSports industry in the next step.

EXERGAMING companies like Sphery, the energy drink provider Hype Energy, the gamer brand Tentelian Gaming, and the University of Applied Management were also on board, as well as the Esports backpack brand Ority. Each partner was able to submit their questions into the funnel to get the most valuable and accurate feedback from the community. Over 150 prizes with a total value of over 5,000 EUR were raffled off to the participants.

770 participants filled out the very complex questionnaire. And the results of the survey and learnings in the areas of mobility, advertising in eSports, connection possibilities of traditional sports and eSports, gamification of sports and many other aspects we have summarized with ISPO and our partners in a white paper - download now for free - We are now looking forward to the further dialogue on the topics and results.

The results

Streams as a starting point for brands

One finding of the survey among the target group of the Rocket League community: eSports is a young sport. This is because 43 percent of the participants were younger than 20 years old. The largest participating group was 20- to 29-year-olds, who made up 45 percent. Only 12 percent were 30 years or older.

Contrary to the general trend towards smartphones, eSports is at home on stationary devices, especially among the Rocket League fan community addressed: 61 percent of respondents played on computers, 37 percent on game consoles such as the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. Only 3 percent played via smartphone. As an eSports broadcast medium, streams on platforms such as Twitch or YouTube are the first choice. Only 5 percent of those surveyed said they did not watch any streams.

73 percent watched streams to learn tips and tricks about the video game in question themselves. 54 percent for pure entertainment and almost a third (31 percent) because they described themselves as a fan of an eSports team. After all, advertising in the eSports environment reaches its target audience: 80 percent of those surveyed said that they had noticed advertising measures in eSports. 62 percent confirmed that they were actually interested in the advertising measures.

The Learnings

Relevance and engagement in gaming, eSports and exergaming continues to rise as shown in a study by Global Web Index in April 2020.

Media Consumption in Covid-19 Lockdown / Source: Global Web Index April 2020

The ISPO network and Messe München can now use this knowledge and the lessons learned to develop further products and business approaches.

Brands and stakeholders interested in sports can use the white paper and thus Messe München and its partners become real enablers in knowledge transfer and dialogue.

The goals of the activation and campaign have been completely achieved on all sides.

For us as a consulting agency, this long-term and also complex project has shown the following: The ingredients of relevant content, authentic reach, innovation-driven partners and genuine dialogue lead to success.

What lessons do we as an eSports and gaming agency learn from the Future of Sports Whitepaper?

  • Interest in combining sports and gamification elements is particularly high
  • eSports Movement is the right activation to connect eSports, EXERGAMING and sports with education. Here is also a need in the gamer and eSports target group
  • We are setting up a working group on EXERGAMING with the German Industry Association for Fitness and Health. Goal: To further learning and to help dialogue
  • Conception and implementation of further innovative products

Rocket League finally FREE2PLAY

Rocket League finally FREE2PLAY

The wait for the free-to-play version of Rocket League is over! Finally, since September 23rd, Rocket League is free to play. YEAH! In a platform-breaking move, Rocket League is now going this new route. The in-game event called Llama-Rama supports Psyonix 's campaign - Rocket League meets Fortnite, bam.


Those who already own Rocket League and are eligible to receive Legacy status will find the items revealed in July ("Golden Cosmos" boost, "Est. 20XX" player banner, Rocket League DLCs, etc.) in their inventory after the update.  


Not only is Rocket League coming to the Epic Games Store, but it's also becoming part of Epic's "Support a Creator" program. Now you can support the Creator of your choice in-game by entering their Creator Code in the Item Shop. Eligible Creators will receive 5% of the credits spent in Rocket League as long as their Creator Code is entered. Many of your favorite Rocket League Creators are already in the program, with more coming soon.

What else is in the update?
  • New quick chats
  • "Heat seekers" in private games
  • More items to trade in
  • The playlist "Single Standard" has been removed
  • New Bot Difficulty 
  • New Merc Hit Box
  • Rocket League X Monstercat Remixes
  • An updated menu
  • Changes in the successes
AMD MASTERS Winter ISPO Munich 2020

The "Competitive Tournaments" feature has been available since the day of release. You can find the tournament system here. The new open and event-based system will determine the participants of the annual Rocket League World Championship. A total of $4.5 million in prize money will also be made available over the course of the season. With this, Psyonix hopes to bring a breath of fresh air to the scene while also winning back the major eSports organizations. 

Of course, we at the agency are celebrating this racial push for the game from Psyonix. With our events, like the AMD Rocket League Masters and the broadcasts of the RLCS8 and RLCS9 with Team Firewall and ISPO Digitize as co-op partner broadcasts. You can find our tutorials with ISPO here - From Zero To Hero with FOD and TeamFirewall

Of course, we will also remain faithful to our absolute favourite title Rocket League. The eSports Movement Days will offer Rocket League just as much of a stage as our next Future of Sports events .

AMD MASTERS Winter Rocket League ISPO Munich 2020

We will not be broadcasting this year's RLCSX - a new media partner has been found - eSports1 will broadcast the ongoing eSports Rocket League RLCSX.

Day DateTimeProgram Info
Thursday, September 2417:00 liveeSports Live - Rocket League RLCS Fall Split, N. American Regional 3, Day 1Commentators:
Fabian Sieroka, Robin Rottmann
Friday, September 2517:00 liveeSports Live - Rocket League RLCS Fall Split, N. American Regional 3, Day 2Commentators:
Fabian Sieroka, Alexander Schuster
Saturday, September 2617:00 liveeSports Live - Rocket League RLCS Fall Split, N. American Regional 3, Day 3Commentators:
Fabian Sieroka, Alexander Schuster
Sunday, September 2717:00 liveeSports Live - Rocket League RLCS Fall Split, N. American Regional 3, Day 4Commentators:
Fabian Sieroka, 

Live on eSports1 and of course the official Twitch Channel Rocket League eSports