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The concept was developed in dialogue with all participants in the social dialogue. Interest in games culture has been very high since the emergence of the first digital games in the 1980s. For a long time, however, games were seen as a waste of time, an addictive factor and a pure distraction. Games were removed from the socially accepted cultural scene with various prejudices.

However, the game culture and the interest in game concepts given to the living being is stronger and the game worlds that could be created in the gamer culture areplayed and experienced by a total of over 34 million people in Germany. These games areplayedon smartphones and tablets, the PC as well as game consoles and handhelds.At 48 percent, women make up half of the gamers.The proportion of gamers who are 50 years and older is steadily increasing. In 2019, nearly 10 million people over the age of 50 play computer and video games. This means that they now account for 29 percent of all gamers. The development and spread of game concepts and mechanics leads to the understanding of these mechanics in other contexts and people wanting to understand, play and perhaps win the game. The concept of games can be applied to many other areas of life. Games are not only entertainment and distraction but in so called serious games something is learned, taught, imparted - the mechanisms can also be applied to very many different areas of life. The ingredients of gamification are often the same. Levels are reached, achievements are unlocked, a competition is won - attention and time invested increase gamification mechanisms every day. People have the opportunity to transform themselves into a digital avatar on the digital playing field and to get to know themselves in a different and new way in this digital world. eSportsmen use the transformation into a digital hero to compete with other eSportsmen on a clearly defined playing field.

The new sport thus created is digital and does not need to be digitized and the mechanisms and rules are internationally the same and adhoc basically understood, but the player can improve and become better at the game through clearly defined training and further study of the game mechanism and time commitment.

To understand the principles of gamification but also to show the chances and dangers in the topics of physical eSports, eSports, exergaming and gaming is the task of the eSports Movement event series. In specially developed workshops for gamers, parents, educators, politicians and entrepreneurs, knowledge is imparted. The future of sports can be experienced in a circuit training experience.


Elements of the eSports Movement Days

Knowledge Transfer:

The topics of eSports and physical eSports need to be penetrated in depth in order to be able to correctly evaluate opportunities and risks and to better develop and assess recommendations for action. We support knowledge transfer with individual workshops and lecture series.


The sport with the highest growth rates is digital and international in nature - due to the most versatile disciplines, structures and games, the gaming and eSports ecosystem is not so easy to navigate - besides real expert knowledge, it is important to experience eSports moment. A language of its own, competitive moments and an international, digital society is waiting to be discovered.


We believe in the connection between gamification, eSports and exercise - first-hand experience and trial and error is the key to grasping the power of innovative sports themes and then being able to use them to create value.




Parents, teachers and educators


Politics and economy

Join the eSports Movement!

This series of events is designed for anyone who wants to learn more about eSports, gaming, exergaming and physical eSports.

The experience, the experiences and the workshops give an overview of what will move us all in the future.



Why eSports & Exercise go together?

eSports is inclusion in action - international. international, gender-neutral, digital. Everyone can compete even with physical handicaps

eSports is more than just pop culture in the young target group - a sporty, competitive living space has emerged here

eSports connects eSports titles are almost exclusively based on a team competition and here the interpersonal interpersonal communication the main role

Understanding the world of eSports means understanding a driving force in the lives of the upcoming generation . The eSports Movement Days are the anchor point for a real dialogue with gamers, eSports players and opinion leaders from the scene.

The format "eSports Movement Days" can be implemented at schools, universities, educational institutions and other institutions where social discourse exists.


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